Strange creatures abound in this fun and addictive drawing game with a twist. Start by drawing a head or body, being as creative as you dare! Without seeing what you’ve done, your friend then draws the other half.

When finished, view the final creation. You’ll be amazed by the weird and wonderful artwork that results.

You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy HEADS AND BODIES. But you might feel like one by the time you’re done!

Game Features

  •  Doodle using paint, pen, and chalk in varying line thickness.
  •  Choose from a variety of colors.
  •  Smudge tool adds shading and texture effects.
  •  Erase sections of your drawing using varying erase widths.
  •  Play with a local friend in our Pass N Play version or remotely through GameCenter.
  •  Save the finished drawing to your photo album to share with friends.

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